BORN: Italy


GENRE: Deep House, Tropical House, House

ABOUT: Dj Ginevra Fulco is a 19 years old DJ from Italy. I think that we all have a passion for music, every day we listen to different songs or we sing different melodies, but generate emotion through music is the passion and the mission of every music performer. Despite my youth, I feel like this is my path, my world. My passion for music was inspired when I was a child, playing the piano, but now this is evolved into something different. Since I was 14, I started to get addicted to the radio world, thanks to my father, he is a speaker for different Italian radios. Nowadays with him, I make a radio show, “I ventilatop”, distributed by, an Italian company that makes jingles and radio shows. I’ve given up private parties and I’ve started to play in many clubs of my area. My musical culture is constantly evolving, I really love catching up with some new music.