BORN: Venezuela


GENRE: Salsa, merengue-ton, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Dembow, Moombahton, Guaracha, HipHop, Brazil Funk, and Afrobeats. Bringing the best beats to dance to and let go all night.

ABOUT: Dj Ivicore is an explosive Latin Tropical DJ and MC from Valencia, Venezuela. She brings the best street beats and tunes from the Afro, Caribbean, and Latin America. Transporting old classics to the latest hits around. Although she was born and raised in Venezuela, she currently resides in London, United Kingdom. Her style of Djing is known for being fiery and skillful, very energetic keeping the vibes elevated, taking people on a journey of transcending bliss. Her deep love and knowledge of Latin music emerged from constantly being surrounded by festivity in her native country. Because of her love of music, she has also studied Music & Arts in Venezuela and has been involved in music production via various media. She continues to play in many Bars, Clubs, Festivals, B-Partiesnand is now a resident Dj on TR.