BORN: Turks and Caicos


GENRE: “Open Format”

ABOUT:  My name is Gequille Penn known as Dj Pop, I’m from one of the smallest islands In The Turks and Caicos islands call South Caicos. It’s where the love for music started for me. My family mainly a basketball family, that what I grew up on. Watching my uncles playing and hearing them arguing on the basketball court made me wanted to be a basketball player. In my spare time after school or when I didn’t play basketball some days I hang out or chill with cousin big cousin (BIG O) Tommy Rest in Peace who use to pre-record mixes and send it to national radio station Rtc to be played. At the times I didn’t no Anything about Doing or either pre-recordings but my eyes were open to everything he did after a while I started to make remixes for him and that’s when the love n desire to learn more. In order for me to learn I watched all DJs, they brought in town for festivals from the set up to the breaking down of equipment. That when I started djing at all school events for fun just to see my friends dance. After playing so good that’s when I started to get club gigs then I got recruited to a very well known deejay group call the Primedjstci in the Turk And Caicos everything skyrockets from thereon.